Make Instagram happy for your followers

You can start by searching for hashtags which are not over-populated. Social Media Examiner highlights this theory, explaining how the hashtag #love contains more than 184,000,000 photos. It is hard to stand out amongst the millions of images and videos on Instagram.

You should search hashtags that people in your target group are more likely than others to check. This will increase the likelihood of these users following your account if there is a personal connection. Unique hashtags designed for brands can be used as a way to group posts around content that is relevant to your brand and campaigns.

M&Ms for instance does a great job of using hashtags that are relevant to the event in which they are taking part. The brand uses hashtags like #mmspotlight in order to direct its attention to the concert and create awareness.

Understanding the performance of your hashtags on Instagram is as important as their use. Sprout Social offers hashtag analytics tools which allow you to view hashtag usage data and performance to determine what is working well.

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Don’t be blinded by the hashtag universe. Learn what you’re tagging so you can grow your following.

Make Instagram happy for your followers

The best part is that your Instagram followers will be happy and you’ll see an increase in their engagement. We’ve provided many tips and tricks for scheduling content. You can put these into practice to make your brand feel more authentic. Don’t be too sales-driven or robotic.

This could be as simple as posting posts that are genuinely intended to bring a smile on the faces of followers and to build customer relationships. Keep your followers happy by sharing content as if it were a friend on your personal Instagram feed.

How can you increase your Instagram follower count?

Insta continues to gain popularity among audiences. This will allow you to increase your reach by using these tips to get more followers. Get a trial for Sprout today to get the most out of your Instagram management.

How to increase your Instagram followers free of cost

1. Create a strategic Instagram marketing strategy

You need a plan to make the most of any social network.

It’s a great goal for anyone to get more Instagram followers. However, just having more followers won’t make you an Instagram success. You must have a plan to gain followers that is connected to your business strategy.