Avoid following fake Instagram users

There is a huge difference in an Instagram account with fake and genuine followers. It can be tempting just to buy Instagram followers. But the negative effects of buying them outweigh any benefits.

Fake Instagram accounts tend to:

Get new followers: It’s a bad idea to trick people into following your account. Don’t try to trick people into following. Building trust and long-lasting connections is key to better engagement.

Your followers don’t generate any revenue: Though it may seem easier, buying followers will not bring you any profits. Instagram follows brands for a reason. People like what they see and how your company is doing. These are real spenders who can bring financial value to your organization.

In order to generate little buzz, if you have 10,000 false followers, how many people are going to like, comment on, or share your content? Instagram will likely delete these fake accounts or bots and make your posts appear like engagement graveyards.

The ability for people to engage with your posts on Instagram is available. These users love when people respond to their posts.

lush engagement on instagram

Lush Cosmetics offers help with product questions. This encourages users to return, follow or even share their posts. These interactions will always bring more value to a group than inactive followers.

Use Instagram to showcase your Instagram photos

How can people find your account if it isn’t promoted on Instagram? Make sure your Instagram account appears on your website, as well as other social networking sites.

One of the best strategies to get found is to increase visibility and awareness. You will get more Instagram fans if people can find you. To help increase social shares on all your networks and show people how to find you on Instagram, you could add social media buttons onto your website and blog.

Cross-promoting across multiple social media platforms is another great idea. Twitter is regularly used by Museum of Modern Art to promote their Instagram. You can easily use your other social media platforms to direct users towards your Instagram.

Be sure to ask for more than a follow. So that users are motivated to follow you on Instagram, it’s a good idea to post unique content. With Instagram adding a variety of video features like Stories and IGTV to their platform, it is now possible to gain followers through creative content.