Find hashtags that are convertible

Followers want to see your post content

This can be hard to do but it is worth doing. Instagram will quickly reveal which posts perform better than others. This is why testing can be so crucial.

Filters, captions and post times are all important. Keep an eye on Instagram trends to see what’s hot so you don’t miss any.

Instagram analytics tools can help you take your analysis to the next level. This will make Instagram content easier to track across accounts and benchmark.

Sprout’s competitor report on Instagram

Be confident in your content strategy. To find the best fit for your audience, you can analyze captions and filters to help you decide. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider analyzing your competitors.

You should not directly copy your competitors. However, it can be smart to keep an eye on what they’re posting or doing that drives engagement. A little bit of competitive research can help you make informed decisions. To find out what works for brands in your industry, use our Instagram Competitors reports.

Get the conversation started

A conversation is the best way to let users know about your Instagram. According to 2020 Sprout Social Index data, most consumers want to engage visually-first content like video (68%), and photos (50%). 30% of respondents want to engage in text posts. Instagram is the perfect match for this audience profile. Instagram pairs eye-catching visuals and captions that are just as engaging, if you can perfect your Instagram caption copywriting skills.

By sticking to the most viral content types, you can increase your Instagram following.

People continue to use social networks as a contact point for brands. It is important to communicate on Instagram with your customers and be supportive.

You can make a difference in obtaining a new customer, follower, or improving your relationship. Responding to every question or comment you receive is important. Our Index research also found 89% of consumers would buy from a company if they were followed on social. It is therefore crucial to maintain the attention and loyalty that you need to convert a visitor to follow your profile.

What consumers do when they follow brands on social media. This includes 89% of the actions that make them buy from the brand

Find hashtags that are convertible

Hashtags are one way to get Instagram followers. The hashtag has been an integral tool in discovery and allowing us to grow our social reach for many years. You marketer want to build your audience by gaining followers.