Increase brand awareness

Consider the reasons you want to increase your Instagram followers. What are you actually hoping to achieve? Perhaps you’d like to:

Increase brand awareness

boost product sales

Drive traffic to your site.

These business-oriented goals will keep your Instagram account consistent. This will allow you to tell a compelling brand story, which appeals to new profiles and helps build (and maintain) a loyal following.

Define your target audience

Ask yourself questions about the people you want to reach.

What age are they?

Where are they located?

What are they doing for work?

How and when do they use Instagram?

What are their biggest challenges and pain points?

These questions will help you create the best Instagram content for the people who are most likely give you a follow. This will help you stay focused on your target audience to ensure you consistently produce content that inspires them to follow you over time.

Create a consistent brand story.

Perhaps you are curious about how your product is made. To humanize your brand, you could share the perspective of an employee. You could showcase the achievements or lifestyle of your customers to help position your brand in a positive way.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are, it is important to keep your brand consistent.

You should be able to identify your posts at a glance. Your Instagram grid should be viewed as one unit. Instagram Stories can be used to share content that isn’t in line with your main feed.

To appear in search results, use keywords

People can only follow you on Instagram if they find you. Instagram’s text is not searchable. In reality, Instagram only has two fields that can be searched: username and name.

Your Instagram username is your username. It is a good idea for your username to be consistent with other social media handles. This makes it easier to find you. You can use your brand name, or a variant of it, when people search for you brand.

You can name your child anything up to 30 characters. Keyword stuffing is not a good idea. However, it is possible to include the most relevant keyword in your name field to increase search engine discoverability.

Claudia Laroye, a travel writer (@thetravellingmom), includes the keyphrase “traveler” in her Instagram name. This increases the chances that she will be found by people looking for content about travel and writers.