Consider the reasons you want to increase your Instagram followers. What are you actually hoping to achieve? Perhaps you’d like to:

Increase brand awareness

boost product sales

Drive traffic to your site.

These business-oriented goals will keep your Instagram account consistent. This will allow you to tell a compelling brand…

You can start by searching for hashtags which are not over-populated. Social Media Examiner highlights this theory, explaining how the hashtag #love contains more than 184,000,000 photos. It is hard to stand out amongst the millions of images and videos on Instagram.

You should search hashtags that people in your…

Avoid following fake Instagram users

There is a huge difference in an Instagram account with fake and genuine followers. It can be tempting just to buy Instagram followers. But the negative effects of buying them outweigh any benefits.

Fake Instagram accounts tend to:

Get new followers: It’s a bad idea…

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